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Springbank Spoodles Puppy Breeders

We are Springbank Spoodles, the purebred spoodle puppy breeders, based in NSW Australia. We have a proven track record of breeding the most beautiful, loving spoodles, from within the most loving breeding environment.

Spoodles are such a special breed of dog – they are as loving as they are lovable. At Springbank Spoodles, have been breeding spoodle puppies for years on idyllic farm property in Southern New South Wales. Our puppies and their parents are absolutely spoiled with care and attention. We are dedicated lovers of the breed, and it is of our utmost importance that they go to good loving homes.

Please feel free to ask us any questions and to learn all about what makes spoodle puppies the best puppies to add to your family. Our puppies are loved here, and we are confident you will love yours too!

/// 28//06/2022 SPOODLE PUPPIES UPDATE ///

We are now also taking deposits for some gorgeous apricot miniature miniature male & female puppies that will be available from anytime now.

We are also taking deposits for male & female chocolate miniature puppies that will be available for their new homes at the end of July.

Contact us directly for more information.

Full of joy,
with a spring
in their step…

Spoodles have amazing personalities, and they absolutely love their families. Learn about what makes spoodles such a beautiful breed to have as part of your family, and what makes them different to other breeds.


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Springbank Spoodles puppy breeders - Chocolate Puppy
Springbank Spoodles puppy breeders - Two purebred Spoodle Puppies

The Spoodle Puppy Photo

See photos of our absolutely gorgeous and varied spoodle puppies here. They are full of love and just ready to play!

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Preparing for your own spoodle puppy

Bringing your very own spoodle puppy home is such a beautiful experience. Here are the things you need to know about getting your spoodle puppy, and to make sure it’s a beautiful experience for both you and your puppy. The love will last a lifetime …

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Springbank Spoodles puppy breeders - Puppies Playing Together